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California Family Law

Divorce can be overwhelming. After recognizing that separation is best for you and your spouse, suddenly there are complicated financial, legal and emotional issues to deal with. It's important to secure your assets, your income, and most importantly, your children's wellbeing.

With so much at stake, families turn to Bonnie Johnson.

"When clients first come to me, naturally they're upset, they're discombobulated — they're not sure what to do next," Bonnie says. "In these situations, my first job is to listen. I hear what they're going through, and we figure out, together, how to secure the outcome they're looking for."

Most clients feel a sense of relief working with Johnson, a specialist with years of experience in family law. That experience has earned Johnson a reputation for her detailed knowledge of the state's divorce regulations, knowledge that helps her guide clients in even the most complicated separations.

"It is a relief for clients," says Johnson, "because when I take care of the legal matters, that leaves my clients free to focus on family issues — to work out all the adjustments that come with a separation, and when they have children, to care first and foremost about them."

There is one issue Bonnie advises her clients to think about and that is the approach they'd like to take in the divorce proceedings. As she explains, "I'm an advocate for my clients, and that means I'm going to represent them the way they want to be represented. So I encourage them to think over the idea of working with their spouse — to cooperate, instead of battle."

"In my experience, divorce negotiation can be easier, cheaper, and clients actually get more of what they want if they try to work together," Johnson says.

Of course, in some situations, the spouse is combative or unreasonable, and joint solutions simply can't be worked out. "In those cases, I'm there to fight for my clients. I will represent my clients as aggressively as they need."

That's why, she says, she keeps a tight focus on her clients' goals. "I'm there to get them what they want, in a way that makes them feel comfortable."

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These situations are too often real sources for pain and stress. It’s why we’ve developed a comprehensive array of family law services to let you manage your day-to-day life, knowing your best interests are always priority number one in the eyes of The Law Office of Bonnie L. Johnson.

It's easy to understand how Bonnie Johnson developed a reputation as an attorney to depend upon. With a concentration in Family Law and Adoption,, Johnson has an uncommonly detailed understanding of the state's divorce regulations.
She also takes a unique, personal approach to each case. "I've always felt that to be successful in this field, it's not enough to file the paperwork," she says. "You have to understand your clients at heart — make a true commitment to pursuing their interests."
Commitment, she says, means listening and understanding a client's needs, then pursuing those goals with a legal approach that's both successful and makes the client feel comfortable.
"In divorce proceedings especially," Bonnie says, "there are a variety of ways to handle contentious issues."
In mediation, you and your spouse work with Bonnie to set up solutions to financial and family issues, with an eye on what's best for both parties. Mediation is a good solution, Johnson says, when communication between you and your spouse is still strong.
In collaborative divorces, both parties hire their own attorneys, but again the focus is on an amicable resolution of financial and family matters. In these situations, Bonnie and your spouse's attorney work together to meet common goals.
Advocacy is the appropriate route in contentious divorces. When your spouse refuses to work with you in the divorce process or makes inappropriate demands, Johnson will step forward and fight on your behalf.
Annulment is an option for spouses who want to end a marriage and erase it from the state records. Annulments can be difficult and expensive, says Johnson, and they require more than irreconcilable differences. It's an appropriate choice for spouses who feel uncomfortable with a record of divorce or do not wish to be officially divorced for religious reasons.
Johnson adds that for couples who have not been married a long time, summary dissolution can be a good alternative to a standard divorce. It's a simpler process and is best for spouses without children and who do not have extensive financial assets.
"Of course, for each client it's important to craft a unique approach," Johnson says. "Every family is in a different situation. My job is to respond to their specific needs."