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Divorces are painful and overwhelming. After recognizing that separation is best for you and your spouse, suddenly you have complicated financial, legal and emotional issues. You need to know how to secure your assets, your income, and your children's wellbeing.

When a client first comes to me, he/she is distraught and unsure how this life change will affect them and their family.  My first job is to listen, to understand the situation, and then to determine the client’s goals.

When I take care of the legal matters, my clients are free to focus on family issues; I advise my clients to consider the approach they'd like to take in the divorce proceedings. I'm an advocate for my clients. The client’s priorities control the case.  I encourage the client to prioritize their goals and determine what is mandatory and what can be negotiated. 

Of course, in some situations the other spouse is combative and unreasonable.  In these cases, I'm there to fight for my clients.

I keep a tight focus on my client’s goals. I'm here to work for what my client wants.

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